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I have traveled around the United States most of my life but is has only been in the past fifteen years or so that I became interested in keeping and documenting the photos that I have taken.  It was just never important to me when I was younger.  I would take the picture, have it developed (wow, that was a long time ago), and then never look at it again.  I was given my first camera in 1967 and yes it only took black & white photos.  I actually have a few of them from back then. Now I can take as many photos as I want and I do take a lot of them, come back home and go through them to relive my travels as I load them onto my computer.  I have used some of the pictures to make calendars for family.  There has been interest in having them printed out for others to frame, so I decided I would give it a go to see if there are more people interested in my pleasures.I have been very fortunate the past several years to see as much of this beautiful country as I have seen and look forward to seeing more of it in the coming years.  I am at a point in my life where the memories are more precious than they used to be.  My adventures are being shared with some wonderful family to make it even more wonderful.  My wife, Lisa, has been with me for all of my travels for the past several years as we are about to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary.  She puts up with a lot from me and I love her dearly.  Then my father, Bruce, was with us most of our travels.  It was usually Dad and Lisa coming up with the ideas of where to go and when, I am just along for the ride. After growing up as a "teenager", those of you that have them will know what I mean, my Father had become my best friend, even if he has trouble letting anyone else pick up the tab for dinner.  Thanks Dad.  Then on our last trip my sister, Cheryl and her husband Steve went with us.  Imagine the surprise to everyone that my sister and I actually did get along together.   I have a lot of photos that will be going up on the site and I will be rotating them from time to time so be sure and bookmark and come back often.

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